The Cast of “The Breakfast Club” Makes the News


 © Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons

Though it’s been decades, this week was a surprisingly eventful one for “The Breakfast Club.” Though none of the cast members have been involved in major Hollywood roles recently, two of the film’s stars trended on Facebook this week, though the attention was for very different reasons.

Judd Nelson was trending into Tuesday simply because of his birthday, which he celebrated on November 28. Website The Hits put together a collection of Bender-themed gifs dedicated to their “favorite member of the Breakfast Club,” whom they called the “criminal” of the group based on his alter-ego’s rogue personality.

But it was his costar Anthony Michael Hall that made hard news headlines that same day. The actor, who played meek Brian, allegedly attacked his neighbor outside their condominiums. He was charged with felony assault. Hall was previously arrest in 2011 after disturbing his complex with loud, erratic behavior, and allegedly stalked his ex-girlfriend in 2009, after which a judge ordered him to avoid her.