“Hamilton” Address Pence

Photo (cc) 2016 by Travis Wise

“Hamilton,” Lin Manuel-Miranda’s incredibly successful hip-hop musical, may have lost a few fans this week. More specifically, it may have lost Donald Trump and his supporters.

Vice president-elect Mike Pence attended the show on November 18. During curtain call, the cast made a statement directed at Pence, expressing concern over the Trump administration.


Aaron Burr actor Brandon Dixon spoke on their behalf:

“We, sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and work on behalf of all of us. All of us.”

The next day, Donald Trump tweeted in response to the statement:

The hashtag #BoycottHamilton starting circulating on Twitter, followed by #NameaPenceMusical, which included anti-Trump/Pence puns on musical titles:


Celebrities discuss the election

On this blog, I explored the opinions of celebrities, from the “West Wing” cast to the Avengers, during the election lead-up period. Now that the election is over and Donald Trump (the candidate who both of the above were against) has been declared the winner, I would like to look at how celebrities have publicly address the results.

Seth McFarlane, the creator of “Family Guy,” spent the day following the election regularly tweeting against Trump, before leaving Twitter on November 9 without giving details why.

On the other side of things, hip-hop artist Azaelia Banks shared her happiness over the results on Facebook:

“I’m just sooooooo relieved. I’ve dealt with SO MUCH bulls*** on behalf of the liberal media and to have someone beat the liberal media is just so refreshing and Inspiring.”

The official Twitter for “Black Mirrors,” a Twilight Zone-style television, tweeted this as Trump took the lead:

You can now go see Michael Moore’s movie about Donald Trump

Photo (cc) 2011 by David Shankbone

You all remember Michael Moore, right? Most people know him as an edgy, liberal documentarian and the man behind “Fahrenheit 9/11.” It turns out, he’s also a stage star.

Last month, the director announced that he was working on a a political film, “Michael Moore in Trumpland.” It’s not one of his typical documentaries; instead, it’s a filmed one-man stage show.

Moore explained that the theater he had chosen for the show in swing-state Ohio had turned him down because conservatives on their board were afraid the director was trying to convince people to vote for Clinton.

“Well, they got that right. They aren’t stupid,” he said on Facebook.

Moore was able to find a contingency plan, and the film was shown last night for free in New York City. He had this to say about his goals:

“This election is going be decided by whether people will stay home. I hope I can light a fire and get it out in the next weeks to millions of people‎.”

The New York Times published a review today titled ‘“Michael Moore in Trumpland” Isn’t About Trump,” and it’s not exactly glowing. Here’s a excerpt:

“Mr. Moore has basically made an earnest but not very entertaining pro-Clinton campaign film, occasionally funny, momentarily heartfelt when he takes up the subject of universal health care and the lives lost for lack of it. Against the rest of his work (“Bowling for Columbine,” “Roger & Me”) it’s fairly tepid stuff.”

Tonight marks to official start of the film’s non-preview run in New York’s IFC Center.