The Cast of “The Breakfast Club” Makes the News


 © Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons

Though it’s been decades, this week was a surprisingly eventful one for “The Breakfast Club.” Though none of the cast members have been involved in major Hollywood roles recently, two of the film’s stars trended on Facebook this week, though the attention was for very different reasons.

Judd Nelson was trending into Tuesday simply because of his birthday, which he celebrated on November 28. Website The Hits put together a collection of Bender-themed gifs dedicated to their “favorite member of the Breakfast Club,” whom they called the “criminal” of the group based on his alter-ego’s rogue personality.

But it was his costar Anthony Michael Hall that made hard news headlines that same day. The actor, who played meek Brian, allegedly attacked his neighbor outside their condominiums. He was charged with felony assault. Hall was previously arrest in 2011 after disturbing his complex with loud, erratic behavior, and allegedly stalked his ex-girlfriend in 2009, after which a judge ordered him to avoid her.


Shailene Woodley Speak About Thanksgiving at Standing Rock

Photo (cc) 2014 by Red Carpet Report

While most of the country was visiting relatives and eating turkey, actress Shailene Woodley (“Divergent,””The Fault in Our Stars”) released a video about the violence of the first Thanksgiving, while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Jane Fonda and Woodley served meals to water protectors, or protesters, on Thanksgiving.

Woodley has been involved with the conflict for many weeks. She was arrested for allegedly trespassing and rioting at Standing Rock on October 10 and plead not guilty nine days later.

Celebrities discuss the election

On this blog, I explored the opinions of celebrities, from the “West Wing” cast to the Avengers, during the election lead-up period. Now that the election is over and Donald Trump (the candidate who both of the above were against) has been declared the winner, I would like to look at how celebrities have publicly address the results.

Seth McFarlane, the creator of “Family Guy,” spent the day following the election regularly tweeting against Trump, before leaving Twitter on November 9 without giving details why.

On the other side of things, hip-hop artist Azaelia Banks shared her happiness over the results on Facebook:

“I’m just sooooooo relieved. I’ve dealt with SO MUCH bulls*** on behalf of the liberal media and to have someone beat the liberal media is just so refreshing and Inspiring.”

The official Twitter for “Black Mirrors,” a Twilight Zone-style television, tweeted this as Trump took the lead:

Emma Watson plays Santa Claus – with Books

Photo (cc) 2012 by David Shankbone
Photo (cc) 2012 by David Shankbone

Emma Watson is having a big week. Entertainment Weekly’s cover story is about the upcoming live-action “Beauty and the Beast,” in which she stars as Belle.

But it’s her role as a feminist activist, not as an actress, that’s taking over the London Underground. 

On Monday, she tweeted:

The next day, she personally hid 100 copies of “Mom & Me & Mom.” The book is by feminist icon Maya Angelou and discusses Angelou’s relationship with her mother.

Watson is supporting Books on the Underground, an organization that encourage the spread of books on the train lines.

Watson has been a UN Women Goodwill Ambassadosince 2014 and works with feminist organization HeForShe.

Donald Glover Lands Lando in new “Star Wars”

Photo (cc) 2011 by Loxy!!
Photo (cc) 2011 by Loxy!!

Lando Calrissian is the forgotten hero of “Star Wars.” Added the the original saga in “The Empire Strikes Back,” he gets off to a rocky start by betraying Leia and Han (though it’s to protect his people, which is an important, oft forgotten detail), but by the “Return of the Jedi” he’s become a fully entrenched and accepted member of the Skywalker and friends gang. He even has the honor of piloting the Millennium Falcon in the final battle, and he’s included in the last, celebratory cast shot of the film with the other stars. He’s one of the gang, a solid fourth to Luke, Leia and Han, but still an important fourth.

I have therefore always been sad that history seems to have given him the short end of the stick. As a “Star Wars” fan, I never hear anyone talk about him. He’s not in any modern merchandise. Billy Dee Williams’ absence from “The Force Awakens” isn’t even given an throw away line of explanation.

It’s no surprise then that I was ecstatic when it was announced that everyone’s favorite rapper/actor/comedian Donald Glover would be playing Lando in the prequel film set to follow a young Han Solo. It makes sense, since Lando was the original owner of the Falcon and a friend of Han’s from back in the day, and it’s a great moment for the few of us out there who love Lando.

IGN quickly posted a video explaining why they liked the casting:

Since this was about “Star Wars” and a famous actor, the Twitterverse naturally had lots to say:

You can now go see Michael Moore’s movie about Donald Trump

Photo (cc) 2011 by David Shankbone

You all remember Michael Moore, right? Most people know him as an edgy, liberal documentarian and the man behind “Fahrenheit 9/11.” It turns out, he’s also a stage star.

Last month, the director announced that he was working on a a political film, “Michael Moore in Trumpland.” It’s not one of his typical documentaries; instead, it’s a filmed one-man stage show.

Moore explained that the theater he had chosen for the show in swing-state Ohio had turned him down because conservatives on their board were afraid the director was trying to convince people to vote for Clinton.

“Well, they got that right. They aren’t stupid,” he said on Facebook.

Moore was able to find a contingency plan, and the film was shown last night for free in New York City. He had this to say about his goals:

“This election is going be decided by whether people will stay home. I hope I can light a fire and get it out in the next weeks to millions of people‎.”

The New York Times published a review today titled ‘“Michael Moore in Trumpland” Isn’t About Trump,” and it’s not exactly glowing. Here’s a excerpt:

“Mr. Moore has basically made an earnest but not very entertaining pro-Clinton campaign film, occasionally funny, momentarily heartfelt when he takes up the subject of universal health care and the lives lost for lack of it. Against the rest of his work (“Bowling for Columbine,” “Roger & Me”) it’s fairly tepid stuff.”

Tonight marks to official start of the film’s non-preview run in New York’s IFC Center.

The Real-World Dangers of Fame, From Kardashian to Hadid

Photo (cc) 2011 by Eva Rinaldi

Our world is, as a rule, obsessed with keeping up with the Jones, and, more recently, keeping up with the Kardashians. Our obsession with the so-called “beautiful people” and the rich and famous is often viewed a vapid and pointless, but it’s impacts can be anything but.

I wrote about our culture’s celebrity cult last week in regards to the election. The point of that post was that our celebrity-worship can have consequences for the general public. Today I’d like to examine the consequences that the general public can have on the celebrities.

Annoying paparazzi and a lack of privacy are established and expected prices of fame, but there have been multiple recent cases of models being put into legitimate danger because of their popularity and notoriety.

The most terrifying example is the Kim Kardashian’s recent robbery in Paris. The apartment where she was staying was broken into my armed men, who tied her up and stole her valuables.

What Kardashian endured was the most extreme recent example of the dangers, but her younger sister is also facing an alarming situation. The Huffington Post report Friday that “amid [Kardashian/Jenner] family’s security crisis,” model Kendall Jenner went to court and testified against Shavaughn McKenzie. McKenzie allegedly entered Jenner’s driveway in August and then followed her. 

“I was crying, I was screaming, I was freaking out. I didn’t know what his intentions were,” Jenner said.

In another recent violent incident, Jenner’s friend and fellow model Gigi Hadid was grabbed from behind by a man, Vitalii Sediuk, in Milan, Italy on September 22. Hadid fought him during the attack.

“Practicing self-defense is important so that when you’re in the moment, reacting from muscle memory comes more naturally to you than freezing up. Confidence in your own ability to defend yourself comes with educating yourself about it, and is a massive advantage when in an unsafe situation,” Hadid told Lenny Letter. 

These attack, while shocking and violent, are not unusual in our culture, and they obviously did nothing to stop the obsession around the parties involved. Shortly after, the Mirror posted an article titled “Shaken Kim Kardashian looks unrecognizable as she’s spotted for the first time in Los Angeles after gun point robbery,” with accompanying paparazzi pictures of a hooded Kardashian. The cycle continues.