Theater at Northeastern University – A three-part story

Photo (cc) by Hernan Pinera


I’ve dipped my toes in mixed media like photography and video on this blog before, but reader be warned! I’m preparing a multistep, multi-format project for December. 

Since I’ve been focusing on entertainment and celebrities, I’ve decided to take that idea a little more locally and explore the entertainment and celebrities of my own Northeastern University.

I’ll be making a 3-minute video profiling Northeastern student Carol Hicks, who goes by Carly. She’s an environmental science major here, but she devotes her free time to music. A classically trained vocalist, she tried theater for the first time when she came to college and is now a soloist in NU Stage’s upcoming performance of “Godspell.” For my video, I’ll help you get to know her a little, as a person and as a performer, and give you a look at her experience with NU Stage, which is Northeastern’s only student-run musical theater group. They put on both a main stage show and a musical review each semester.

To accompany the video, I’ll be doing a photo series that goes behind the scenes of “Godspell” to show you what the cast does at a typical rehearsal. I’ll photograph dancing, singing and the general antics of a cast of performers as they prep for their big show.

The final part of my series will be a piece that takes the focus off of the performers and onto the people behind-the-scenes. I’ll be doing a text piece profiling the team of ushers that makes the show go on. Most audience members only know them as the people who take their coffee away; my article will show the rest of the story.

I’ve been chatting with Carly this week and we’re both enthusiastic about the profile. The leaders of NU Stage have granted me access to a rehearsal, and I have a contact who is helping me get time with the ushers. Between the three methods of storytelling, I hope my readers can get an good look at what goes into local entertainment events like college theater.


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