News, the Twitter way

Photo (cc) 2013 by Esther Vargas

I tend to hear a lot of doom and gloom about Twitter. I’m not going to comment here on the company or make any comparisons to other social media; that’s for someone else’s blog. All I am going to say is that, yes, it is plenty relevant, and it’s worth checking out to find info and news. I will be doing so as I write this blog! To give you some context for my research and to help you keep yourself informed, I’ve written this short post with some important people to follow for entertainment news.

Michael Ausiello over at TV Line is basically the person that got me into entertainment news. I’ve been following him since I was a kid! I highly recommend him for anything television. TV Line Editor-at-Large Matt Mitovich also runs a good, and often funny, twitter account with a lot of entertainment-related content.  Chris Hardwick, who created the Nerdist, is also a good source of news, particularly if you’re interested in the genres that are often dubbed “nerdy.” Samantha Highfill and Tim Stack are both interesting Entertainment Weekly writers, and it’s always worth checking in with EW because they’re kind of the Bible for this sort of thing. Kristin Dos Santos is the Kristin behind “Watch With Kristin” at E! and has lots to say on Twitter. Ryan Parker is a staff writer for the Hollywood Reporter, so he’s automatically relevant, but his feed has the added bonus of being named in the Time article “The 140 Best Tweets of 2014,” a rather bizarre list that included Miley Cyrus and DiGiorno Pizza. Seth Abramovitch, a Hollywood Reporter senior writer, is also worth looking at for his consistent entertainment coverage. Linda Holmes hosts “Pop Culture Happy Hour” at NPR and also writes their entertainment blog, which is called “Monkey See,” so she does a lot with our topic and is a good person to follow. I’ll wrap up this list with Ty Burr, a Boston Globe film critic.

Disclosure: I am a former non-editorial employee of the Boston Globe.



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