So what am I doing here?

It seemed a logical choice for me to pick film, television and entertainment as the topic of my blog. I’ve been a big nerd for that kind of thing since my early years as a loyal PBS Kid, and I’m the former site editor of (and still an occasional contributor to) an online magazine called Blast that covers mostly Gen-Y entertainment news.

Film and television are a broad subject, but what I’m really looking to do with this blog is explore and dissect the issues that geeks like me get passionate about. I won’t just be announcing run-of-the-mill entertainment news or doing quick recaps. I’ll be digging deep into the  exciting moments that film and TV have to offer, from controversial castings to moments of social inequality to big surprises from noteworthy directors and properties. I’ll talk everything from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the legacy of #oscarsowhite. I’ll try and give you a look about how industry professionals feel about decisions and announcements, and I’ll occasionally give a hint or two at my own amateur opinion on the topics.

I’ll be looking at a number of different sources, including Deadline, TV Line, The Mary Sue,, The Nerdist, Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, The VergePop Culture Brain, and HuffPost Entertainment. I’ll also be using resources like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit to gauge and include audience responses to issue, because I believe that fans and fan culture are as important to a dialogue on the entertainment industry as producers and actors are.


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